Summer Seminar 2024

Swiss Alps, August 2024

Practical information

Throughout the duration of the seminar, both practitioners and instructors will be living in the same place. This means they will be accommodated in dormitories, participate in cleaning, meal preparation, have meals together, and train together. Actively participating in community life and contributing to fostering a positive dynamic is part of the training.

The workshop takes place in a small village in the central Swiss Valais region. The tranquil atmosphere of the mountains, along with the strong presence of nature, creates a conducive environment for the in-depth study of the path.

The registration deadline is June 15, 2024.

The instructors

This workshop will be co-led by Jean-Pierre Kunzi Sensei, tith dan Aikikai, and Katsu Ueno Sensei, 4th dan Aikikai. Both Sensei will share their experience and understanding of O Sensei’s teaching as they continue to receive it from Motomichi Anno Sensei, 8th dan Aikikai.

Ueno Sensei is a very close disciple of Anno Sensei. Totally immersed in his teaching, he generously shares his experience joyfully. His dedication as a Yamabushi priest greatly enhances his understanding of Aikido and nurtures the special and deep bond he maintains with Anno Sensei.

Kunzi Sensei received teachings from Hikitsuchi Sensei. He now continues his Aikido practice under the wise guidance of Anno Sensei. He has been regularly visiting Japan for almost thirty years. He heads the Aikido Geneva Takemusu Dojo and finds great joy in sharing the fruit of his experience.

Anno Sensei was a direct disciple of O Sensei for his first fiWeen years of practice. He received the first six dan directly from O Sensei. For over forty years, he was also the closest disciple of the late Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei, 10th dan. At the age of 93, he is as open as a flower and shares his long and rich experience with immense generosity with his students.

Hikitsuchi Sensei was one of the closest disciples of O Sensei. He accompanied O Sensei on many pilgrimages to the sacred region of Kumano. Both sharp and compassionate, he was completely imbued with O Sensei’s spiritual teachings. He used to say, “I am the open book of O Sensei. When I speak, you hear the words of O Sensei.”

If you are interested in this beautiful, warm, and deep immersion into the practice of Aikido, you are most welcome.